New name


Royal Danish Seafood becomes Royal Danish Fish.

It was a great event when Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary revealed the new name, logo and website that will be the former Royal Danish Seafoods new face to customers and business partners. And it was indeed an important day in several other aspects.

During her visit to Hanstholm on August the 23. Crown Princess Mary's took time to see the company Royal Danish Seafood Group A/S – and had a tasty bite of Kabayaki, which is eel prepared after an ancient Japanese recipe. Furthermore the Crown Princess revealed the company´s new name and logo. The change from Seafood to Fish gives a more accurate picture of the company's focus area, as most of the production is farmed fish.

This spring Royal Danish Fish received an impressive honor. Therefore the Crown Princess could also announce that the company´s fish farm, Aquaculture, is first in the world to be certified by Sustainable Eel Standard - a prestigious new European standard for sustainable production of eels. The award took place on May the 19’Th on an event at Fishmongers' Hall in London.

The two events are closely linked. The new name and logo signals sustainability, environmental concern and well being - both locally and globally. CEO Mogens Mathiasen says:

 "The certification is a milestone for us. It’s the culmination of a long and purposeful work. Therefore, we wanted a name and logo, which could truly mirror the values we stand for. We are looking forward to get response on the new logo and company name. It’s a great honor that Crown Princess Mary will do for unveiling, and it obviously shows how important the Crown Princess’ visit is to our company. "

Relaunch of Kabayaki.
The day also saw the relaunch of the Japanese fish product kabayaki, which originally was the reason that one of the companies in the Royal Danish Seafood Group was established in Hanstholm in 1997. The aim then was to produce kabayaki to Asia and Europe – a production that quickly stopped due to the then economic situation in Japan at that time.

"The Japanese market again demands high quality and certified products, and now we have both. Therefore we are relaunching the renowned Japanese kabayaki, which is eel marinated in a certain way in soya sauce," says Mogens Mathiasen, adding that Crown Princess Mary was the first who had the opportunity have a taste of the new production of kabayaki.

Backed by a brand new website
The new name and logo will be backed by a new website and a new design line and graphic profile that will be consistent in all communication from the company. The bright and friendly natural expression should help to highlight the company's dedication to environment, sustainability and responsibility. And it is not just fancy decoration, which is shown by the company's involvement in Global Compact and RBE - The Danish Council for Sustainable Business Development.

"Both in our logo and in our daily work we keep focus on balance between quality and efficiency in our production on side - and environmental issues, the welfare of our employees, CSR and sustainability on the other side. We would like to tell more about this on the new website. Therefore you will find tasty fish recipes, information about our products and our company as well as news about nature, environment and sustainability at the new site," says Mogens Mathiasen.

Read more about all this and see photos from Princess Mary's visit to the company at:

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